Join the Volunteers In Gymnastics Team (VIG)

Have you watched gymnastics at the Olympics and thought how exciting it would be to be close to the action? Have you some time on your hands and would love to assist and be part of a growth sport? Then become part of the Queensland Volunteers In Gymnastics (VIG) Program. Volunteers are invaluable contributors to our events and Gymnastics Queensland is thankful for all the time and assistance they give

Why Volunteer:    

    - Is a great way to learn new things

    - Is a great way to meet new people and rub shoulders with Australia’s up and coming gymnasts

    - Contributes to the improvement of our gymnastic community
    - Brings people closer to one another
    - Spreads happiness
    - Helps things get done that wouldn’t otherwise
    - Builds confidence and self-esteem Without Volunteers our events would not run as smoothly, if at all. Gymnastics Queensland needs people to continue to volunteer at events to keep the sport of gymnastics alive.

The Jobs that VIG’s perform:
    - Scoring
    - Averaging

    - Floor Managers and Volunteer Marshalls
    - Announcing
    - Equipment Set-up/Pull-Down
    - Door Sales/Merchandise
    - Hospitality and Award Ceremony Presentation

Benefits of being a V.I.G:
    - The opportunity to rub shoulders with Australia’s up and coming Gymnasts
    - Free entry to all Gymnastics Queensland competitions even when you are not volunteering
    - The chance to be involved in National Competitions that are held in Queensland
    - Invitation to all Gymnastics Queensland Gala Events

    - Free Parking and meals when volunteering for an event
    - The fun and excitement that only Gymnastics can give

If you are interested in becoming a V.I.G. please contact Chloe Donnet for more information:

Email: Ph: 07 30365607