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Gymnastics provides children with the fundamental movement skills, teaching children how to jump, hop, skip, run, roll, swing, throw, catch and land safely, amongst many others. All the vital skills required to participate in any sport. LaunchPad is the national participation initiative between Gymnastics Australia and the Australian Sports Commission. LaunchPad introduces children to fundamental movement skills through gymnastics activities.  These activities are sequential, easy to deliver and also require very little equipment

Furthermore, LaunchPad programs are not just a work out for kid’s bodies, but also for their brains, with activities designed to benefit learning, concentration and brain development. LaunchPad also helps develops children's social skills through team work and cooperation.

LaunchPad has been designed to fit with the current State based primary school syllabuses. LaunchPad aims to offer teachers the opportunity to align lessons to their state curriculum objectives. With the introduction of the national curriculum, Gymnastics Australia will link LaunchPad lessons to specific curriculum learning outcomes explicitly in due course.

Sporting Schools 

Sporting Schools is an Australian Government and Australian Sports Commission (ASC) initiative which will fund sporting activities before, during and after-school in more than 5,700 schools and engage with 850,000 children hoping to encourage them to do more sport-based activities.

A key feature of Sporting School is the use of National Sporting Organisation (NSO) endorsed sporting programs. LaunchPad is the Gymnastics Australia (GA) junior participation program which aims to increase sport participation, develop children’s fundamental movement skills and all-round physical and brain development, and will be delivered under Sporting Schools.

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