11 October 2018

New Zealand National Championships Results

The following athletes and officials took part in the New Zealand National Championships as part of the International Levels Tour and achieved the following results.
Australian team members from Queensland clubs include;
  • Mitchell Harrys                           Level 8                           Lawnton Academy of Artistic Gymnastics
  • Ken Gunawan                             Level 8                           Gymnastics Townsville
  • Mitchell Harding                        Level 9                           Lawnton Academy of Artistic Gymnastics
  • Glenn Nilson                               Level 10                        Gymnastics Townsville
  • Kipngetich Kemei                       Level 10                        Gymnastics Townsville
  • Daren Wolfe                               Coach / Manager         Gymnastics Townsville
MAG Level 8 results:
Level 8 All Around
  • Bronze - Mitchell Harrys
  • 4th – Geordie McColl
  • 5th – Joshua de-Roo
  • 7th – Ken Gunawan
Apparatus finals:
  • Mitchell Harrys         - 2nd PH, 7th SR, 5th PB, 8th HB
  • Geordie McColl        - 1st SR, 2nd VT
  • Josh de-Roo              - 7th FX, 1st VT, 1st HB
  • Ken Gunawan           - 6th FX, 1st PH, 4th PB
Trans-Tasman Team          Silver (Mitchell Harrys, Geordie McColl, Joshua de-Roo, Ken Gunawan)
MAG Level 9 results:
Level 9 All Around
  • Silver – Jonathan Harry
  • Bronze – Simon Bewick
  • 4th  - Mitchell Harding
Apparatus finals:
  • Jonathan Harry         - 3rd FX, 5th PH, 1st SR, 2nd HB
  • Simon Bewick           - 4th FX, 8th VT, 7th PB, 1st HB
  • Mitchell Harding      - 4th PH, 5th SR, 4th VT, 3rd PB
Trans-Tasman Team          Silver (Jonathan Harry, Simon Bewick, Mitchell Harding)
MAG Senior results:
Senior All Around
  • 6th – Ryan O’Keefe
  • 7th – Glenn Nilson
  • 8th – Kipngetich Kemei
Apparatus finals:
  • Ryan O’Keefe            - 6th FX, 5th SR, 3rd VT, 5th HB
  • Glenn Nilson             - 5th FX, 5th PH, 4th VT, 5th PB, 6th HB
  • Kip Kemei                  - 6th PH, 6th SR, 7th PB
Trans-Tasman Team           Silver (Ryan O’Keefe, Glenn Nilson, Kipngetich Kemei)
Well Done to all QLD MAG Competitors

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