QLDers Claim Bronze at World Cups

Our gymnasts have had a cracking start to the year, read on for more.
A proud day for Queensland Gymnastics, as Mitchell Morgans wins Bronze on the Parallel Bars at the World Cup in Doha. The event took place in Qatar from March 22 to 25 and saw Mitchell finishing with a final score of 14.566. After marginally missing out on a top three placement for his efforts on the Horizontal Bar in the Baku World Cup, Mitchell was hungry for glory, and certainly did not disappoint.

A thrilling performance from Queensland’s Georgia-Rose Brown results in a third place Bronze medal placing at the World Cup AGF Trophy in Baku which was held from March 16 to 19. Qualifying in fifth position for the Uneven Bars, Georgia was able to further improve on her performance and finish with a final score of 13.566, cementing her top three placing.