Leasing Support for Affiliated Gymnastics Clubs

Many gymnastics clubs settle for tenant unfriendly lease terms, which cost the business. Gymnastics Queensland has partnered with Lpc Cresa to help affiliated clubs achieve favourable lease and tenancy arrangements. As an affiliated club, you get access to a free subscription to Lpc Cresa’s online learning portal, to:

  • Keep informed about the market
  • Build your lease negotiation skills
  • Gain monthly lease negotiation insights
  • View market reports and training webinars
  • Improve your lease outcomes

‘My Lpc' subscriptions provide video tutorials, guides, templates, checklists, webinars and advice that help you achieve favourable lease outcomes and a better business. 

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Can I Re-negotiate My Lease?

Yes! Lpc Cresa provides support and advice to both new and existing lease holders. In addition, COVID has created a once-off opportunity to amend arrangements by negotiation and before a lease’s expiry, to mitigate future business risk and reduce long term occupancy cost.

What Other Clubs Are Doing

When lockdown began, Kobe from Gravity Gym in NSW had difficultly navigating a change of lease with her landlord. While she understood the regulations in place to allow rental relief, her landlord did not want to cooperate.

With Lpc Cresa’s support, Kobe was able to negotiate:
Quarter 2: 65% fee waiver, 10% upfront rent and 25% rent deferral
Quarter 3: 60% fee waiver, 20% upfront rent and 20% rent deferral
Quarter 4: 50% fee waiver, 25% uproot rent and 25% rent deferral

In addition, Kobe was able to negotiate that in the case that clubs have to go back into lockdown, the quarter 2 agreement would go back into place. This process has saved her $14,000 in upfront costs and even more in rent relief.

To learn more about LPC Cresa and the resources you can access as a Gymnastics Queensland Affiliated Club, visit their website here .