What your registration fee with Gymnastics Queensland funds

Whenever you register with a gymnastics club affiliated with Gymnastics Queensland, you join our growing community of over 57,000 athletes, 2200 coaches and judges, and 124 clubs who all play an essential role in contributing to the growth, development and sustainability of gymnastics across our State and Australia. As part of your registration, you’ll pay an annual athlete membership fee. But what exactly does your fee help to fund? 

Accredited Coaches and Judges

All of our coaches and judges within affiliated clubs hold a nationally recognised gymnastics accreditation so that your classes are delivered by a knowledgeable and competent team of staff who will ensure you get the most out of gymnastics. Your membership fees help us to continuously refine and improve our accreditation programs and train more technical members so that our affiliated clubs’ staff stay ahead of the curve in terms of providing high quality coaching and judging.

Personal Accident Insurance

As Gymnastics Australia’s preferred broker, Honan Insurance Group ensures every athlete (and their parents and guardians!) have peace of mind when participating in classes or competitions. Your membership fee helps to pay for this protection program so that support is there in the unlikely case of an accident.
You can learn more about the insurance you have as part of being a member of Gymnastics Queensland here.


Throughout each year, your membership fees enable Gymnastics Queensland and Gymnastics Australia to host a range of exciting events that enable our athletes to showcase their skill and compete in a range of local, state and national competitions. Not only does these events create important pathways that contribute to the growth of our sport, they also us to celebrate the achievement of all our athletes, coaches, judges and clubs that work so hard throughout each year.

Support for your Club

To assist with the continued growth and quality of our gymnastics clubs’ programs, professional development events and opportunities play an important role. Your membership fee enables Gymnastics Queensland and Gymnastics Australia to host networking, professional development and educational events, access to professional services and licenses, and heavily subsidised Venue Safety Audits to ensure they can effectively monitor the condition and safety of their gymnastics equipment.   

Promotion and Development of our Sport

Your membership fee helps with the promotion of the benefits of gymnastics and encouraging more people of all ages to try our sport at one of our affiliated clubs. This includes targeted market campaigns and promotional events to attract new participants to gymnastics. We also continue to develop new and improve on existing programs focused on engaging different demographics such as BabyGym, Fitter for Life (Over 50’s), FreeG (Ninja) and Inclusions. 

You can learn about these programs, which we refer to as Gymnastics for All (GfA), here.

Child Safety & Membership Protection Policies

Gymnastics Australia’s Child Safe Policy and Member Protection Policy are part of the organisation’s proactive and preventative approach to uphold our sport’s commitment to the safety, wellbeing, participation and empowerment of all children who access our activities, programs, services or facilities. Your membership fee enables Gymnastics Australia to develop these policies and provide a suite of resources for affiliated clubs to assist them in these areas and ensure their venues and staff are compliant with the necessary national standards. Gymnastics Australia is committed to continuously updating and refining these policies and resources so that our sport is following the best practices in child safety and member protection. 

You can find these policies here.

Phone & Email Support

Gymnastics Queensland provides our community with assistance and support to enhance your time in gymnastics. Our team can be contacted to answer any questions you may have via phone or email. 

Gymsport Development, Talent Pathways and High Performance

To ensure athletes have the opportunity to develop and achieve at the highest level they can, your membership fees contributes towards Gymnastics Queensland having a dedicated team of Gymsport Managers and High Performance staff focused on coordinating initiatives to support this. This includes clinics, state teams and talent identification programs that enable athletes to develop and potentially represent Queensland or Australia.