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2022 Gymnastics Queensland ACR Gymsport Regulations


QSP Stage 1: QLD Level 1-3

QSP Stage 1: QLD Level 1-3

QSP Stage 1: Judging Guides All

QSP Stage 2 (updated Feb 2022)

QSP Stage 3 (updated Feb 2022)

Please find attached an updated version of Stage 2 and Stage 3. Below is a summary of the updates. Updates have been made with consideration of the ALP update and new FIG Rules.
- The 2 second tolerance for music no longer exists. Once a routine is over by 1 second over the maximum, the 0.1 penalty per second applies. 
Eg: For Stage 2:
2.00.99 minutes  = no penalty
2.01.00 minutes = 0.1 penalty
- The penalty for height difference has been changed down by 1 cm. The maximum is now 29cm (with tolerance up to 29.99cm).

- Judging of individuals has changed for Stage 2 and above (ALP as well).
FIG COP states: The execution of individual elements (single or series) of each partner is evaluated separately to
a maximum deduction of 1.0 for each partner.
Eg. If all 3 people in a trio perform 3 individuals elements in a series (eg. Handspring, heli turn, headstand one after the other), the maximum they can lose is 3.0

If all 3 people in a trio perform 3 individuals elements over the entirety of the exercise (eg. 1 at the start, 1 in the middle, 1 at the end), the maximum they can lose is 9.0.
- Stage 2 has had a couple of new skills added into the tablets. Some skills have also been increased in value. For Pairs, small changes have been made to row the straight jumps from hands appear in.
Please note that not all skills that are present in the ALP are present in Stage 2. ALP also has additional restrictions and/or requirements in certain levels. Eg. Handstand requirements, and no repetition of categories in trios. The conversion tables for skills is also different in ALP. Please consider all these differences if taking groups to National Championships.

We stand by having Stage 2 be very flexible in terms of development and learning and thus are not imposing these extra rules.
- Clarification:
The +4 hand to foot bonus from general rules does not apply for bend arm lying down, but does for straight arms: